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Protect your Business Against Malicious Traffic

With the rapid spread of crippling computer viruses and high-profile security breaches on the rise, cybersecurity is among the highest priorities for most IT professionals. However, one of the most common and debilitating ways to hurt your business is a simple Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. This is why it is critical to have DDos Protection services.

365 Data Centers can defend your business against DDoS attacks to ensure reliable network access and prevent potential downtime. With 365’s DDoS Protection services, we monitor and analyze your network traffic 24/7 to identify anomalies that could be indicative of a DDoS attack. Once we have determined that an attack is being directed at your business, we re-route your traffic, and filter out malicious data packets, before redirecting ordinary (“clean”) traffic back to your servers. In most circumstances, this takes effect within 30-40 minutes of when we detect an attack. This allows your users to continue using applications and services normally, without the illegitimate traffic ever reaching you.

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What is a DDoS Attack

In a DDoS attack, your servers are flooded by a large volume of artificial traffic to overwhelm them and render them temporarily unavailable. For businesses targeted by these attacks, this is catastrophic. Not only does it interrupt normal business operations and create unnecessary setbacks for your team, but it can also impact your business’s reputation. This is why DDoS Protection is essential to defend against these attacks.

The 365 Data Centers DDos Protection Advantage

365 Data Centers is able to leverage its role as a Network Services provider to minimize latency caused by the need to re-route traffic to one of our scrubbing stations. This ensures better, more reliable Internet connectivity during an attack. Furthermore, implementation is simple and easy, as the Included DDoS Protection plan is put into place with each of our Network Connectivity services.